The future of Carmelo Anthony

Posted on February 10, 2011


Carmelo Anthony is with out a doubt one of the best players in the NBA. He has spent all of his career with the Denver Nuggets leading them to a playoff appearance every season. He has proven to be a leader and his talent is one of a kind. Over the past few months Melo has stated that he wants to be traded and will not sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets. Melo has also stated in interviews that he will only sign a long term deal with the New York Knicks. A lot of teams would love to have a player with the talent of a Carmelo Anthony. There have been many trade rumors involving the Knicks, Nets and most recently the Lakers.

Personally I think the best fit for Carmelo Anthony is in New York. Melo would simpy thrive in New York’s fast pace and would benefit playing along side Amare Stoudimire. Melo would provide another punch the Knicks desperately need. I think the Knicks will make a move to get Carmelo. Although Anthony has stated the only team he will sign an extension with is New York, I still would try to get him now instead of waiting until the off season. The off season is to unsure and you cant let a player like Melo slip away. One has to remember that any team Melo goes to he will help. Melo going to the Lakers would be scary for all the teams out west. Can you imagine a line up of Melo Kobe and Gasol. They would be just as exciting and talented as the Bosh Wade and Lebron trio. Which ever team lands Melo has to be smart and not give up to much for Carmelo.

With all that said what team do you think Melo should go to AND which team has the best chance of landing Anthony before the trade deadline??

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